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it's a beautiful evening. a nice afternoon, crisp afternoon with temperatures getting into the 60s. glen burnie at 66. huntingtown at 68. look at manchester, already down to 60 degrees. you'll be well on your way into the 40s. going out to the game, first pitch at 7:35, 55 degrees. temperatures falling through the course of the game well into the upper 50s at the 9th inning. >> maybe more. who knows. clear skies but things change by the mid-week. there's a storm over the rockies. >> we have the forecast coming up. >> the peace and quiet of the waterfront may have people on guard. in at least two of the cases the thieves didn't have to work too hard. >> you come to annapolis to
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relax. some people may relax too much. there were several car break-in the last couple of days. >> not all were break-ins. in one case the car had its windows down. in another the car was unlocked and the keys were in it. that car was stolen. >> if you have to keep your laptop in your car for some reason, put it in the trunk where no one can see it, your phone, gps unit just so it's out of sight. >> done carren ter works in annapolis and works here every day. >> it's always locked. people can always pass by and go in and grab something. >> reporter: others have a little more faith in our fellow man. >> maybe i'm too trusting.
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i think a few of them aren't. i guess we trust them and we get a little lax. >> when you're in annapolis or anywherefore that matter, when you park your car, roll up your windows and lock your doors. it could solve a lot of problems. in annapolis, don harrison. >> so far, no arrests have been made f you saw anything over the weekend, give police a call. >> the orioles, yankees rivalry. it's nothing compared to what a new york youth baseball coach is accused of doing. police arrested him for stalking a rival baseball coach and his family. it all started over a strikeout call that happened back in may. the two men got into an argument when john rear done's son struck out the other son. later he started getting text
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messages from an untraceable person. >> texted my family, house, saying watch your back. >> rear den called police when the text began mentioning his son by name. san philipio has been arrested. that's a little over the top. some sad news from the national zoo. the giant panda cub born last week passed away unexpectedly yesterday morning. the zoo is trying to figure out exactly what went wrong. the four ounce cub showed no obvious signs of distress but portions of the baby liver were hardened and there was an increased level of fluid in his abdomen. complete results will come after a more thorough examination of the cub. results are expected in about two weeks. you know those backyard
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trampolines? they may seem like a lot of fun but experts warn they can be dangerous. a recent report shows that although trampoline rates are declining, many occurred in 2009. the common injuries strains, sprains and contusions but the more dangerous ones could affect your head and spine. those with trampolines are encouraged to have sherns to cover them and possible related injuries. if you've got peanut butter in your pantry from "dark knight rises -- from trader joe's, you may want to check it. the fda and cdc are investigating whether any items sold at trader joe's could also
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be contaminated. three teenagers were sent to the hospital after an atv crash in florida. the four teens were involved. you can see the three atv's close one another. one of the vehicles clipped the back of another. the third one plowed into the second one. the teens were taken by helicopter to local hospitals. one suffered minor injuries but the other two were listed in critical but serious condition. >> an accident in brazil left a truck hanging off the side of a bridge. the vehicles skidded over a guard ram and came to a stop in this position right here dangling over the water below. the driver was rescued 20 minutes later when passers by helped him by using a safety rope. he said he lost control of the truck and the car suddenly stopped in front of him. drivers in texas were
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delayed due to thousands of pounds of beer. an 18-wheeler overturned. police say the driver took the exit too fast causing the accident. nearly 8,000 pounds of beer had to be cleaned up it. closed the highway for several hours. credit card companies were denying cards to stay at home moms. >> and coach settles a class action lawsuit with more than a million customers. find out why you may also be able to cash in on a coach discount. >> hey, take a look. the leaves are starting to change over western maryland. we'll let you know how low our temperatures go next on the news at 5:30.
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stay at home parents with perfect credit are being denied credit cards because they don't have their own income. the current law requires credit card issuers to consider an applicant's individual income
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instead of the household income when making those lending decisions. the new rules are expected to be proposed before congress reconvenes in november. atm stock fees are raising rates to all time highs. the financial research firm bank rate said atm fees have hit a mark of $2.53406789 charges for -- $2.50. another bank rose 11%. financial analysts said we are seeing higher fees because of the restrictions on other fees. coach settled a class action lawsuit with more than a million of its customers. the company was sued for requesting the addresses and emails from the customers. coach is denying any wrong doing
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but did agree to the settlement. many could be eligible for a 30% off coupon. you must have made the purchase with a credit or debit card and they must have your e mail address. the iphone 5 has set a new sales record for apple. the company announced more than 5 million of the phones were sold sense friday. it beats the old record of 4 million iphones for s's sold during last year's first weekend. despite the sales frenzy wall street analysts estimated it to be close to 6 million. interesting. this has been a few days since mitt romney's secretly taped comments at a fund-raiser made headlines. what the obama campaign is doing
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to capitalize on it. sex ed is howeverred in some schools. now some are offering the morning after pill. where it's happening and how the community is reacting.
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put a little weather into motion. take a look at chesapeake beach. on the cooler side. daytime highs home getting into the 60s. outside the studios, showing a beautiful shot overlook towson. here's the son going down a little before 7:00 the official sun sets. the current temperature is 67 degrees. bone dry humidity at 33%. the winds are calm between 5% to 10%. that back down. it should be around 75. we were below average for the
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date. 68 in frederick, cooling down in winchester and hagerstown. through the evening hours it's going to really cool down. 55 and we're back on at 11 receipt after "dancing with the stars." tomorrow morning it will be in the 70s. tomorrow the clouds will move. take a look at maryland's most powerful radar. a few of the high clouds pushing in. that's going to stay in interior new england. we have our eyes on a system out of the rockies. moisture is gathering. this will move toward our rye john as we head into the mid-week. in fact, here's the cold front. here's the moisture over denver. biel' put this into motion. we'll get showers in here has we head into wednesday morning. a better shot of some showers coming into play wednesday night into thursday morning. it's going to be very warm, temperatures back near 80 degrees as we round out the middle of the week.
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temperatures will paul back into the 50s. upper 40s once again. upper 30s toward western maryland and slightly more milder, temperatures running between 72 and 75. 60s tomorrow before it segues on wednesday. you'll notice more clouds and the chance of a spot shower. the forecast for the overnight 48, mostly clear. as we head into tomorrow, your two-degree guarantee. mostly sunny start. you know the clouds starting to build. 75 tomorrow, a beautiful afternoon. so on wednesday, things will change a little bit. that's where we'll be watching the system out over the rockies. the cloud cover is moving in. take a look. 80 degrees for the daytime high as the clouds bring in the chance for some precip, going into the wednesday afternoon time peempletd nice day on
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thursday. maybe a system friday going into the weekend. 71 on friday. 72 on saturday. 70s for the weekend. indications are there will be a system offshore. the closer track will bring in some heavy rain. also, we have the wmar app always at your disposal. if it's not storming, you get an interactive radar. kelly, we'll send it on to you. >> now to democracy 2012 news tonight, it is the final full week before mitt romney and president obama go head to head in the first presidential debate but neither campaign is going easy. tory dunnan joins us live from washington. if this is real -- this is really a critical time, especially for mitt romney, correct? >> reporter: kelly, it s he's gearing up for the final stages of his political campaign. first, today he's in colorado and he moved on to another
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critical battleground state. after a week of criticism from both democrats and republicans, mitt romney is hoping to get back on track. >> i will do better than this president has done for the american people. >> reporter: romney will focus on a hand full of tossup states that will ultimately decide the election. tomorrow he kicks off a four-day six city tour. the president leads 60 to 45%. >> mitt romney attacked 47% of americans who made no income tax. >> reporter: meanwhile the obama campaign is out with a new add hitting romney on the 47% ad in a closed door fund-raiser. >> doesn't the president have to worry about everyone? >> reporter: as for tomorrow the president will address the u.n. general assembly. today obama's opponent is hitting him on his foreign policy agenda. >> this is team for a president
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who will shape events in the middle east, not just be merciful. i will get america on track to have the kind of leadership we need so we can shape the future of this mart of the world and keep america strong. >> reporter: kelly, president obama also heads to ohio with two campaign events on wednesday. most models show mitt romney would have a difficult time winning this november if he doesn't take that state. >> last night most of the candidates interviewed on "60 minutes." one comment is causing quite a stir. tell bus that and what kind of reaction it's getting. >> reporter: president obama was asked about the nature of his cam and also some of his campaign ads. he had a surprising response. this is what he said. >> do we see sometimes us going overboard in our campaign, mistakes that are made, areas where there's no doubt that somebody could dispute how we are presenting things?
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that happens in politics. >> reporter: the romney campaign, of course, jumped all over that comment releasing a statement. it says the obama campaign and its allies have repeatedly showed a disregard to the truth. >> tory dunnan, thanks for that live report from washington. we'll see you tomorrow. okay. it's no secret that paying for college can be expensescy. the veterans of foreign wars is offering a scholarship to help students further their education. it's called voice of democracy. tonight our education reporter sherrie johnson shows us how students are taking advantage of the help. >> reporter: 16-year-old brandon pollen has dreams of becoming a politician. last year this 11th grader won
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the voice of democracy scholarship pooh when i look at colleges, the price is rising and it does help to cut down on the cost. >> reporter: the program was started in 1947 to help students pay for college. each year more than 50,000 compete for more than $2.3 million in scholarships and incentives. students compete by writing and recording a three-minute broadcast clip on a patriotic theme. this year's theme, is the constitution still relevant. >> i love working with the kids and helping them further their education. when i went to college -- and i'm dating myself -- my tuition was $500 a semester. now that doesn't buy the book,
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so, you know, kids need the help. >> reporter: brandon won the district and state competition and made lots of friends and won $6,000 in scholarships. >> it's fantastic. it gives so much. all you have to do is write an essay and record it and it's really, really good for someone trying to save money for college. >> reporter: sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> the national winner receive as $30,000 scholarship. students in 9th through 12th grade are asked to apply. you can apply at your local vfw and the vfw also has a scholarship for middle school students. you might want to check those out. coming up at 6:00, tonight baltimore police are investigating another murder on chesterfield avenue. if that street sounds familiar,
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that's where the nih professor was shot last week. and the storm warning for you. we'll tell you how scammers are using real attorneys to try to get at your hard earned money. those stories and a whole lot more at 6:00. here's a preview of what's ahead on world news at 6:30. >> listen to the white house recordings of jfk, surprising, emotional, the exclusive tonight with diane sawyer and nightline. anncr: more anti-maryland ads. from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year.
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question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across the state... according to the department of legislative services. and with independent audits required by law... question seven means millions for maryland schools. guaranteed.
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some high schools in new york are offering students the
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controversial health service to cut back on teen pregnancies. they're making the morning after pill available. the health department made the decision to provide plan b last year and the pilot program has now expanded to 13 schools. parents were notified of the program before hand and given the chance to opt out. >> this program has been around for a year or now. we make every effort to reach parents. they are given letters. and we wait four weeks after the letters to go out. >> some say it's a bad idea. others argue it will prevent unwanted pregnancies. you must be 17 years old to buy plan b at a pharmacy without a prescription. the mother of two teenage
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girls are upset after a principal paddled the girls. the daughters chose being hit over suspension. they are angry it was a male doing the hitting and that the girls came home with bruises and welts. >> a swat is a swat. they do sting but to bruise a child? >> the school didn't violate state laws but violated its on policy saying spank can only be done by an employee of the same sex. two passengers at dulles airport found a unique way trying to smuggle some meat into the country. we have that story and more on abc2 news at 6 which starts right now. another

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